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    HZ92GM 3D Printing Machine

    Machine Features

    3D direct printing on paper is to directly print a real three-dimensional and real dynamic color world on paper. The principle is to use a 3D printing plate to print a special varnish on a designated part of the printed sheet through a 3D printer, combine it with the rasterized image that has been printed on the printed sheet in advance, and then perform curing to transfer the varnish to the surface of the printed sheet. The naked eye 3D image is displayed on the printed sheet. The realization process is very simple: 3D software and pre-press related software are used to make printing files and output 3D printing plates, then use traditional offset printing presses for high-definition printing, and finally print the 3D varnish lenticular media on the 3D printing presses after the offset printing.

    Product Overview

    Product Advantages

    NO.1 Going to lenticular film, environmental protection

    ◆ No longer use lenticular film

    ◆ A brand-new printing technology and material technology

    ◆ Printing is varnish grating, LED varnish

    NO.2 Partial design is suitable for finishing touch


    NO.3 Direct printing on paper, perfect integration

    ◆ The varnish grating is a perfect adhesion and whole formed by direct printing

    ◆ It can make full use of the process adaptability of paper (cooperate with other post-press processing techniques such as silk screen, hot stamping, cold stamping, concave and convex, etc.)


    NO.4 Multi-field printing, all applicable

    ◆ All substrates that can be printed (white cardboard, gold and silver cardboard, laser paper, etc.)

    ◆ All types of products that need to be printed (such as tobacco packaging, wine box packaging, electronic product packaging, daily chemical product packaging, labels and other industry categories)

    Product Parameter

    HZ92GM 3D
    Maximum paper format
    Minimum paper format
    3D printing largest format
    Maximum single pattern printing area
    Paper thickness
    Printing varnish thickness
    Maximum mechanical speed
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